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You know when you've registered a domain for your company, but then you also get the .org and the .net and a bunch of others and over time you lose track of where they are and what pages they're linking to?

Yeah I had that problem too. Who hasn't?

I built this to manage my redirects and you're welcome to use it too!

A screenshot of my domain and its redirects configured

Secondary Domains

When you want to know your .org and .net are pointing to your site and not some random old server you were using 6 years ago

Short URLs

Branded link domain. Link tracking. Link to Amazon and friends globally via redirect-based-on-country rules

The finer things

Want to just send an Excel spreadsheet of domains, redirects, and destinations and have me sort it out for you?

Get in touch

Just a handful of redirects


  • Up to 10 domains

  • Unlimited redirect rules

  • Full access to simple and complex rules (soon)

  • Short URL platform functionality (soon)

  • Live logs and analytics (soon)

Entire secondary-domain library


  • Exact same as the standard plan

  • Unlimited domains

Simple rules redirect based on requested path or catch-all. Complex rules can redirect a user based on that plus location for example. A UK user using your Amazon referral link could be sent to and a US user to

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You can use the beta version (simple rules only for now) by registering here!